HBHL adheres to the rules of the CBHA with the exception of the following:

4 minute stick infractions:

All stick infractions (high sticking, slashing, etc) are 4 minute penalties in accordance with HBHL rules. 3 stick infractions in one game leads to ejection from game.

Unsportsmanlike Stick Contact with Playing Surface:

Any actions in this manner will result in a minimum 10 minute unsportsmanlike misconduct penalty, with additional penalties at the discretion of referee. Repeat offenders will be subject to additional discipline.

Rules & Equipment

No two-line pass rule:

The center line will not exist for two line passes and offsides, which will promote long passes and more scoring chances.

Floating Blue Line:

This method of offside is exclusive to ball hockey. The attacking team on offense uses the blue line the same as in ice hockey until they enter the offensive zone. Once this is accomplished the center line acts as the blue line and the defensive team must clear the ball past the center line before it is considered out of the zone.

Gross/Match/Fighting penalties:

These will not be tolerated by the league, all will be subject for review by league and it’s referee’s and will be subject to board review.

No touch icing:

This will be implemented to speed up game and eliminate possible injuries.

Quick face off rule:

This is also implemented to speed up game and eliminate time wasting in crucial areas of game.

2 x 20 minute stop time halves (in accordance with CBHA rules)
Mercy Rule may be in effect:

The game stops if at any time in second half there is a 7 goal spread.(guaranteed in playoff and tournament play)



CSA Approved helmet
Standard hockey stick (no plastic blades)
Gloves (only hockey gloves or ball hockey approved gloves permitted)

Optional but highly recommended:

Protective Cup
Shin Pads (covered hockey or soccer)