Individual, Group, or Team Registrations Accepted

Players can register individually, in groups of four or less, or as teams of 5 or more (see player draft for details).

Players who register individually or as a group will be placed in to the league’s player draft and will be selected by team captains or coaches. Players can request to play on another individual’s team. (See player draft in Rules and Regulations section, for more details).

Regular season will begin on Monday April 1st, with games to be played at the Moose Recreation Centre through April 4th. Continuing on April 7th, the remainder of the season will be played at Hockey Hounds Recreation Centre. The season will span a minimum of 16 games plus playoffs for qualifying teams.

All participants of the HBHL will be registered members of the Canadian Ball Hockey Association (CBHA), and the Wildrose Ball Hockey Association (WRBHA). This qualifies them for all tournaments, events, and championships through the CBHA and WRBHA. All events through the CBHA and WRBHA are insured in case of injury.

All games will be played under CBHA rules. WRBHA certifies league referees yearly, and all HBHL games are to be played under the 2-referee system.

The league champions will qualify for the provincial championships in Edmonton, AB. Additional invitations pending availability.