2016 Roster Freeze & Jersey Deadline

Apr 12, 2016 // Leave a Comment

As per HBHL rules, teams must designate up to 20 players and up to 3 goalies by April 30th. The designated players will comprise the active roster for the remainder of the season with no additions.

Roster Deadline

As of April 30th, no teams will be allowed to add players to their roster. Teams must designate up to 20 players and up to 3 goalies to make up their active roster. If any teams are currently over the roster limit, they will need to designate which 20 players and 3 goalies will remain active for the rest of the season.

Jersey Deadline.

As of April 30th, every team must have matching jerseys. If any player attempts to play without a matching team jersey, they will be deemed inactive for that game.

Please direct any questions regarding these issues to Steve White.

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